What To Wear To A Massage

What To Wear To A Massage High Society Massage

Heading to your first massage appointment can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to deciding what to wear. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable and at ease during your session for maximum relaxation and effectiveness.

This comprehensive guide will help you understand the best clothing options for various types of massages, special considerations for specific situations, massage etiquette, and tips on how to communicate with your massage therapist about your personal preferences.

Key Takeaways

    • Wear loose and breathable clothing made from moisture-wicking materials for optimal comfort during massages.
    • Avoid tight or heavy clothing, jewelry, and accessories that can be uncomfortable or restrictive.
    • Special considerations may apply for different types of massages, such as Thai massage and prenatal massage.
    • Communicate with your therapist about your personal preferences to ensure a comfortable experience.

Table of Contents

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What To Wear For A Comfortable Massage Experience

Wear loose and breathable clothing for optimal comfort during your massage, such as comfortable loungewear or stretchy leggings.

Loose And Breathable Clothing

Loose and breathable clothing is crucial for a comfortable massage experience, as it allows both you and the massage therapist to move freely without any restrictions.

Moreover, wearing clothes made from lightweight fabrics like cotton or moisture-wicking materials ensures that your body remains cool and comfortable throughout the session.

For instance, opting for yoga pants and a loose T-shirt can help facilitate relaxation while still providing enough coverage so that you feel secure on the massage table.

Also, with most massages, I have the clients undress to their most comfortable level.

Moisture-wicking Materials

Moisture-wicking materials are a smart choice for clothing when preparing for a massage, as they help to keep you cool and comfortable during the session.

These fabrics rapidly move sweat away from your skin to the outer layer of the material, where it can evaporate quickly.

Some popular examples of moisture-wicking fabrics include polyester blends, bamboo, and merino wool. 

Lightweight athletic wear made from these materials is ideal for massages since it allows a greater range of motion while promoting breathability.

Comfortable Footwear

Choosing the right footwear for your massage appointment can greatly enhance your overall calming experience. 

As a client, it’s essential to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off, like sandals or flip-flops, so you can effortlessly transition from dressing to undressing for your massage session.

Avoiding Perfumes And Scents

It’s important to avoid using heavy fragrances, such as perfume or cologne, when going for a massage. 

A lot of massage therapists have allergies and sensitivities to strong scents – which can make the experience uncomfortable for both you and your therapist.

You should also avoid wearing scented body products like lotion or deodorant that could interfere with the natural oils used during the massage. 

Instead, opt for unscented personal items and let your body hair and skin breathe to get the most out of your relaxing treatment.

Clothing To Avoid For A Massage

Avoid tight and heavy clothing, jewelry, and accessories that might be uncomfortable or restrictive during your massage session. 

These can inhibit the therapist’s ability to provide uninterrupted strokes on your muscles, resulting in a less satisfying experience overall.

Tight And Heavy Clothing

It’s important to avoid tight and heavy clothing when getting a massage. 

These types of clothes can restrict movement of tense muscles, limit the effectiveness of muscle manipulation techniques, and make you feel uncomfortable during the session.

It’s best to choose lighter clothes that are thin and form-fitting instead. Sweatpants, athletic shorts, and baggy T-shirts are all great choices for both men and women.

Additionally, wearing tight or large underwear may prevent optimal access to specific areas like the low back.

Jewelry And Accessories

I advise clients to avoid wearing jewelry and accessories during massages, as they can cause discomfort or even harm to clients and/or massage therapist. 

For example, rings or bracelets may accidentally scratch a massage therapist’s skin, while necklaces or earrings may get tangled in the clients’ hair or clothing.

Additionally, dangling items like earrings can be distracting and hinder the therapist’s ability to provide uninterrupted strokes.

Anything Uncomfortable Or Restrictive

It is important to avoid anything uncomfortable or restrictive when going for a massage.

Tight or heavy clothing can hinder the therapist’s ability to work on your muscles, leading to an unpleasant experience.

Jewelry and accessories should also be avoided as they may cause discomfort during the session. 

Wearing clothes with straps, hooks, rings, eyelets, or slides can also be cumbersome and dangerous for the therapist’s hands to work around.

It is recommended that you wear loose, and breathable clothing made from moisture-wicking materials for ultimate comfort during your massage appointment. 

Additionally, it’s important to avoid any perfumes or scents that could bother either yourself or your therapist during the treatment room experience.

In addition, removing all clothing during a massage is your CHOICE! 

Largely I want people feeling safe overall considering their personal areas of coverage. You will be covered up until I am ready to massage a specific area.

Special Considerations For Specific Types Of Massages

Different types of massages require different clothing choices. 

For example, for a Thai massage, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes that allow for full range of motion.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a traditional therapy that combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles full body massage, and assisted yoga postures. 

This type of massage requires loose and comfortable clothing, such as pajama-style clothes or loose-fitting shirts and pants provided by the massage parlor.

In fact, practitioners of Thai massage may have clients change into scrub-like garments for the massage. 

It is common for clients to be given a shirt and pants combination to wear during Thai massages since they involve stretching and movement techniques that require flexible clothing.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a luxurious and deeply relaxing experience that involves the use of smooth, heated stones placed on specific points on your body. 

The heat from the stones can help ease muscle tension, improve blood flow, relieve pain, promote relaxation, and reduce stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissues and fascia

This therapy can help alleviate chronic pain, muscle tension, and stress.

The therapist will use deep pressure with slow strokes to target specific areas of discomfort or pain in your body.

*In this type of massage, I usually encourage the client to get undressed to their most comfortable level while letting them know in order to have the optimum massage the removal of the bra or sports bra is important for work being done on the upper and lower back.

However, clients should take note that deep tissue massage may not be suitable for everyone

It is recommended to avoid deep kneading or muscle stripping if you have bruises or are taking certain medications like blood thinners.

Always communicate your concerns with the therapist to ensure they adjust their techniques accordingly during the session.

Want to know more about the Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage? Check out the article I wrote!

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a specialized form of massage that focuses on reducing muscle tension, improving flexibility, and enhancing performance for athletes. 

It can be done pre-event or post-event to prepare the athlete’s muscles or aid in recovery after intense activity.

Unlike traditional massages that solely focus on relaxation, sports massage targets specific muscles related to the sport being played. 

This type of massage may involve techniques such as deep tissue work, stretching, compression, and joint mobilization to improve an athlete’s overall function and readiness for competition.

*In this type of massage, I usually encourage the client to get undressed to their most comfortable level while letting them know in order to have the optimum massage the removal of the bra or sports bra is important for work being done on the upper and lower back.

Tips For Communicating Your Comfort Level With Your Massage Therapist

Let your massage therapist know areas of discomfort or pain, discuss any clothing preferences and concerns about nudity, to ensure a customized massage and comfortable experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Communicating Areas Of Discomfort Or Pain

It’s important to communicate any areas of discomfort or pain with your massage therapist in order to improve the experience and outcomes. 

Your therapist will be able to modify their techniques and pressure to suit your needs, ensuring a more comfortable and effective massage.

For example, if you have lower back pain, let your therapist know ahead of time so they can focus on that area during the session. 

Don’t hesitate to speak up during the session as well; if something doesn’t feel right or is causing pain, let your therapist know immediately so they can adjust accordingly.

Expressing Preferences For Clothing

It is important to communicate your clothing preferences with your massage therapist before the session begins. 

Whether you prefer to wear loose-fitting clothing or be completely unclothed, expressing this preference will ensure that you are comfortable and able to fully relax during the massage.

Some clients may have specific areas of their body that they want covered or uncovered during the massage, such as a sports bra for women or shorts for men. 

It’s perfectly acceptable to discuss these preferences with your therapist beforehand so that they can customize the treatment to meet your needs.

Discussing Any Concerns About Nudity

It’s common for clients to feel concerned or uncomfortable about nudity during a massage. 

However, it’s important to remember that massage therapists prioritize their clients’ comfort and safety above all else.

Before the session begins, the therapist will instruct the client on how much clothing to remove based on their preference and explain any draping techniques they’ll use to ensure that private areas are covered at all times.

Communication is key, so if a client feels uneasy about anything during the session, they should speak up immediately.

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In conclusion, what you wear to a massage can greatly impact your overall experience. 

It’s important to choose clothing that is comfortable, loose-fitting and easy to take on and off.

Avoid anything tight or restrictive, as well as any jewelry or accessories that may get in the way. 

For specific types of massages, such as prenatal or deep tissue, consider special clothing needs.

Ultimately, communication with your massage therapist about your comfort level is key.



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The best clothing to dress in for a massage is comfortable, loose-fitting clothing made out of breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. You may also choose to wear stretchy workout clothes if you prefer.

No, you do not need to undress completely for a massage unless you are comfortable doing so. Your own professional massage therapist will leave the room while you disrobe and cover yourself with sheets or towels provided by the spa.

It’s best to remove any jewelry that might interfere with your comfort during your massage session, such as necklaces or bracelets that could become tangled in the sheets, but it is ultimately up to your preferences.

Avoid wearing tight clothing that could restrict movement or cause discomfort during stretching exercises performed by your therapist. Also avoid wearing heavy perfume and heavily scented lotions as they can distract from the relaxation experience and may affect other customers’ enjoyment of their services too.

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