Swedish Massage in Las Vegas

Mobile Swedish Massage in Las Vegas

Swedish massages are one of the most therapeutic forms of massage that you can get.

This type of service focuses on relaxing tense muscles, promote blood circulation and reducing stress.

Once your body is relaxed, a massage therapist will work with your body to improve its function by releasing muscle tension and restoring balance in your body’s musculoskeletal system.

Swedish Massage is great for people who need relief from chronic pain or stiffness as well as those who want to prevent injury or re-injury.

Massage overall just feels amazing! If you’re looking for an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and satisfied then look no further!

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Mobile Massage Services in Las Vegas

Home / Hotel

60 Minute Massage
$ 125/150
  • 100% Customizable
  • Home Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Hotel Massage
  • Decompression Treatment

Home / Hotel

90 Minute Massage
$ 185/225
  • 100% Customizable
  • Home Massage
  • Athlete's Revival
  • Medical Rehab
  • Hotel Massage
  • The Aristocrat

Home / Hotel

120 Minute Massage
$ 250/300
  • 100% Customizable
  • Home Massage
  • Athlete's Revival
  • Medical Rehab
  • Hotel Massage
  • The Aristocrat

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Muriel LeungMuriel Leung
13:53 28 Aug 21
Marcus is a great masseuse—I always feel like a new, tension-free person after our sessions. Not to mention that he is very professional and the sweetest person! 🙂
suzie casssuzie cass
17:02 17 Aug 21
Marcus was amazing! He handled the different needs of our whole group! He was very professional and had a great personality and we enjoyed it so much we booked two days in a row! I would highly recommend him to anyone visiting Vegas!
Daniella CassDaniella Cass
23:34 16 Aug 21
Marcus is the best!!! He does great massages and he’s also super friendly and fun 🙂 If you want a great massage in Las Vegas, look no further!
Tammi JohnsonTammi Johnson
09:14 05 Dec 19
AMAZING! My massage left me so relaxed that not even the 2 loud (and argumentative) teenagers in my home could take it away! Though I was at first hesitant to invite a "stranger" into my home, I'm SO glad I did!!! Marcus's warm, personable, and very professional demeanor put me at ease from the moment he arrived (at exactly our scheduled appt time). Then, as he set up, he patiently listened as I described my (complicated) health challenges, problem areas, and what I'd hoped to gain from my massage. (And despite the extra time spent getting to know me, Marcus ensured that my massage lasted the full 90 min for which I'd paid.) He didn't seem to have any issues maintaining the pressure that I prefer, and he regularly checked with me to ensure that the pressure was to my liking. Overall, I found Marcus to be a gentleman of kind, personable, professional, and trustworthy character, who proved to be an experienced, knowledgeable, strong, and highly skilled massage therapist. I'm now anxiously awaiting my next appointment!
Trisha younkerTrisha younker
19:35 23 Oct 19
Marcus arrived one time, he set up his equipment in my small apartment with no problem and made me feel completely comfortable. He is very professional and delivered an incredible massage, he even massaged my feet, hands and scalp! Would recommend 100%, and I will book again:)

What is Swedish Massage Therapy?

Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massage. It involves using long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the body to sooth aches and pains.

The aim is to improve blood circulation by clearing blockages in muscles or joints that cause pain. Swedish style massages are usually used for general relaxation purposes rather than as a treatment for specific conditions.

However, they can be beneficial in relieving tension headaches, stress, and fatigue. Swedish massages are also considered to be one of the safest types of therapeutic massage because they do not use oils or lotions that could potentially cause skin irritation.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage session, Swedish massage is the best option!

Swedish Massage Benefits

Benefits of Swedish Massage Woman

Some of the benefits of Swedish massage include:

  • improved circulation
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • improved range of motion
  • reduced chronic muscle tension and pain
  • better sleep quality

If you’re looking for a relaxing, stress-relieving massage, Swedish massage therapy is the way to go.

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Which Massage Works Best?

There are many types of massages available, but which one is the best for you?

Swedish massage techniques are a popular choice and is known for its relaxing effects.

If you are looking for a massage that will help relieve tension and stress, this may be the right choice for you.

Everyone is unique and have different goals for their massage session, so be sure to speak with your massage therapist about which type of massage would be best for you.

I offer a variety of mobile massages at High Society Massage, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massages, and sports massage.

Should I Get a Swedish Massage?

The answer is Maybe.

Depending on what issues you have and problems you would like to solve will help make a better decision on whether or not to get a Swedish Massage.

Swedish Massages are great for the whole body and can help improve your distribution of blood, posture, and flexibility.

If you have never had a massage before or if you’re looking for a general massage to improve your overall health, then Swedish is probably the best option for you.

However, if you have specific areas of tension or muscle injuries that you would like addressed, then you may want to consider a more targeted massage therapy like deep tissue or sports massage.

What Does a Swedish Full Body Massage Include?

A Swedish massage techniques includes a combination of different techniques, including gliding strokes with the intention to relaxing tight muscles and relieve tension.

It is also effective in soothing sore joints from arthritis or other conditions that affect movement.

A massage therapist may use oils or lotion during a session as well as warm towels which will help soothe your skin while you’re being massaged.

Swedish massage is a great choice for those who are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

If you’re considering a Swedish massage in Las Vegas, be sure to ask your therapist about the different techniques they use during the session.

Some of the most common strokes used in Swedish massage include:

  • Effleurage: Long, smooth strokes that help to relax the muscles. This is often used at the beginning of a session to prepare the body for deeper work.
  • Petrissage: A technique where the therapist uses their hands and fingers to knead and press into the muscle tissue. This is used to help break up tension and knots.
  • Tapotement: A technique where the therapist uses their hands to tap on the muscle tissue. This is used to stimulate health benefits and encourage relaxation.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage, Swedish massage is a great option!

What is a Swedish Massage Used For?

What is a Swedish Massage used for

Swedish massage is one of the more popular forms of massage therapy, and this type has been used for centuries.

The original purpose was to help injured athletes recover more quickly by using some easy techniques that helped them relax their muscles while encouraging and improving blood circulation in key areas.

As time went on though, people realized that there were many other benefits they could get from a Swedish massage as well.

The first benefit is that it can help people relax and let go of their stress, whether they are suffering from physical or mental tension.

This type of massage also helps to improve therapeutic benefits throughout the body which encourages healing in any part of your body that might be injured.

It’s a great way to encourage the body’s natural healing process.

And also reduce emotional and physical stress.

Overall, you can never REALLY go wrong with a Swedish Massage.

It can help you relax and free yourself from tension while giving your entire body the benefits of increased blood flow.

This type of massage is gentle enough that anyone can benefit.

A classic massage that helps connective tissues, reduce muscle spasms, reduce tight muscles, works on soft tissues, and promote relaxation.

You will find it to be a very effective treatment for many different conditions and has many therapeutic benefits.

You can get this great service with Marcus at High Society Massage. I mean who doesn’t love a massage delivered to your doorstep?

What Happens During a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is one of the most popular forms of massage in Las Vegas.

The Swedish technique uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular motions to help improve blood flow which can result in better circulation and an overall feeling of rejuvenation that lasts well after the session has finished.

Before the massage the therapist may ask you a few baseline questions to see what things if any are bothering you.

Then after your therapist will proceed to give you your massage while on a massage table remembering the issues discussed before the massage.

During the massage the therapist will occasionally check in with you to see how the pressure is feeling and if anything needs to be adjusted while working on your soft tissues.

Overall that Swedish Massage should be pretty darn relaxing and chill.

But if anything needs to be adjusted or something is on your mind concerning the massage you should always make sure to speak up and tell your therapist.

We are good but not that good, we can’t read your mind after all.

What is the Difference Between a Swedish Massage and a Regular Massage?

What is the difference between a swedish massage and a regular massage man

Swedish massages are the most popular type of massage, and for good reason.

They use a combination of long strokes, kneading, and circular movements to improve blood vessels and flexibility.

Swedish massages can be either relaxing or invigorating, depending on the therapist’s techniques.

Regular massages use pressure and friction to work the knots out of muscles, and they can sometimes be painful.

Swedish massages are a much gentler option that still provides many of the same gains.

If you’re looking for a relaxing massage, Swedish is the way to go.

If you have specific areas of tension or pain, though, a regular massage may be more beneficial.


The Swedish massage is not only one of the oldest forms of bodywork but also one that has been well researched and continues to be a popular choice for many people.

It’s gentle yet effective approach helps provide relief from pain, stress and muscle tension while promoting overall relief in clientele which can lead to improved health and wellbeing.

Here are some facts about a Swedish Massage:

  • it is a gentle yet effective approach to relieving pain, stress, and muscle tension.
  • has been well researched and continues to be popular choice for many people.
  • can lead to improved health and wellbeing.

So, I hope this article was helpful in finding information on Swedish Massage.

Now you can make a clear and easy choice about getting a Swedish Massage.

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