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High-Quality Mobile Massage Services

Our Mobile Massage accommodates all of your Pain Relieving needs. You will have your perfect day with High Society Mobile Massage. Choose a Mobile Service below to view the great options we have to offer.

The Remedy

In this 30-minute hyper-focused massage, we will tackle what is causing you pain or discomfort. Focus is placed only on the problem area with this massage. This service is more ideal if you need a quick fix or something to “patch” you up until your next visit.

30 Min – $60

Therapeutic Massage

As your expertly trained therapist I will tailor your session to your body’s needs. Manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. With deep or light pressure throughout the massage rest assured that your body will thank you!

$100 – 60 min session

Athlete’s Revival

Combining the POWERFUL effects of Thai Table Massage, Sports Massage and the THERAGUN you will receive a unique and awe-inspiring service. No Tense or Knotted Muscle can hide from the relieving effects of the Pin-and-Stretch protocol. This service will provide the Maximum Relief needed for those Weekend Warriors, Gym Enthusiast, Athletic Professionals and your everyday person that likes to push their bodies to the limit! This service will revive you to a better “YOU” and allow you to reach even newer heights!

$150 – 90 min session

$200 – 120 min session

$300 – 180 min session

Medical Rehab

Using the 5,000-Year-Old Ancient Arts of Cupping, with our SPECIAL BLENDED OIL (to eliminate Inflammation) and our acclaimed Organic Dead Sea Salt Foot Scrub; the skies are the limit! Seeing how Cupping is the ultimate way to receive DEEP TISSUE work without putting a lot pressure onto the body; it’s a no brainer! While focusing on your problem areas with Cupping the rest of the body will be delighted with a wonderful rehabilitating massage from Head to Toe. Finishing the massage with a World Class Foot Massage. Not only decadent but will leave your feet moisturized and baby soft!

$150 – 90 min session

$200 – 120 min session

$300 – 180 min session

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